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From unpacking to throwing them away ...
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The 5 Stages Your Socks Go Through

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From unpacking to throwing them away

As everything around us, our socks  go through a couple of stages while they stay in the drawer or on our feet. If you have noticed any of your pairs to be in the fifth stage, don't try to prolong their life and just accept that you need to buy new ones.


First stage – Unpacking

Ah, that feeling when you take a pair of brand new socks, unpack them and put them on. Almost as good as removing the sticker from the phone you just bought. Not to mention that, if the socks are made of high quality fibers, they also have very pleasant odor of cotton or other natural thread. Like all new things, a freshly bought pair of socks will look better than the others in your drawer. Since they will catch your eye easily, it is very likely that you'll wear them no matter the occasion.


Second stage – Getting used to them

In this stage, your socks will still feel newish. However, they won't smell as good as when they were brand new. You still enjoy wearing them, though. The typical thing about the first and the second stage is that you wear this particular pair of socks far more often than any other pair.


Third stage – Just another pair of socks

Your relationship with your socks in this stage can be categorised as “trustworthy”. You can't say that you enjoy wearing them. At least not as much as when they were new. They might not be as saturated as they were when you unpacked them, but you know that they are still not worn out and you can trust them in any situation.


Fourth stage – When black becomes gray

At this point, your pair of socks has become plan B, C, D, or any other letter. It is far more likely that you grab another pair when you open your drawer. However, you are still not ready to throw them away. You still put them on sometimes, even though they are worn out and coarse.


Fifth stage – Time to say goodbye

When you see that your pair of socks has lost its saturation visibly and that there are a couple of thin areas that will very soon become holes, it is better to throw them away and buy a few new pairs. Why leave them as plan Z in your drawer?


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