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5 Interesting World Records about Socks

Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2015-10-14 Hits: 1455 Comment: 0

The topic of today's blog article will be related to world records that are not so famous but have something to do with socks. In the following lines, we will present you the five most interesting among them.

The most expensive socks

Even though standard socks cost around 5-15 pounds, some luxury pairs can cost hundreds. The winners in this field are the 10 pairs produced by the premier knitwear brand Falke last year. Each pair comes at £495 and is made of vicuna wool – a very rare natural material that is consider to be lighter, softer and warmer than any other. These socks come in an elegant wooden box too. The most appropriate question that comes to mind is: are you eager to pay so much for a pair of socks?


Most socks put on one foot in one minute

How fast can you put a sock on? If you think that you can put more than 45 socks on one foot in a minute, you can try to break Silvio Sabba's record. The Italian set it on 2 May 2013, and he even did it for 55 seconds.


The largest sock

9,93m x 6,86m x 2,49m – those are the measures of the world's biggest sock. It was created by Project Undercover, Inc and unveiled at the Rhode Island Convention Center on 2 December 2011. The sock was made of around 183 metres of cotton fibre and its creation required more than 12,800 metres of cotton thread. Its colours – brown and cream were chosen so that the sock can look like a 'sock monkey'.


Most socks worn on one foot

The Irishwoman Fiona Nolan is the current holder of this record. On 25 March 2011, she managed to put 152 socks on one foot! The record attempt was in support of a charity event – Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day Campaign 2011.


Most socks sorted in 30 seconds

Is the name Silvio Sabba familiar to you? If it is, then you've been reading carefully – he is the holder of the record for most socks put in one minute. It seems like Silvio is a real fan of both socks and breaking world records, because he set another socks-related record – he sorted 18 pairs of socks in 30 seconds.


If you plan to break one of the records listed above, make sure to order a few pairs from our online store. At Marysocks, we are proud to say that our products are made for champions and record breakers!



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